This Weekend Local Favorite Jason Downs!

Jason Downs
Nationally touring comedian Jason Downs shares his dramatic and outrageous stories with the audience. A unique likeability allows Jason to confess his greatest flaws in an original, aggressive, and hilarious act. A good heart and a bad mouth, he tells his story of a know-it-all who knows nothing. Recently Jason Downs was featured on NBCs Last Comic Standing, is in the midst of a national comedy tour, and is co producer of a new series of stand up comedy shows, featuring the edgiest comics in the business today: Lewd and Crude Comedy.

Jason always knew he wanted to become a comedian. As a child he would sneak away in the middle of the night to watch The Tonight Show. Jasons dreams would come true after graduating San Francisco State University with $30,000 of debt and no job skills. Beginning his comedy career in San Francisco, Jason has become among the best comics in the Bay Area. Like his influences, Eddie Murphy and Sam Kinison, Jason draws his material from his personal life.

STAND-UP SHOW at 8PM: $20.00
DINNER & SHOW at 6:30PM: $39.95

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