Samsom Koletkar Headlines 8/18!

New FREE show Comedy & Cocktails
Every Thursday at 7pm

Samson Koletkar, often called “The Indian Seinfeld”, is the worlds only known Indian Jewish Standup Comedian. Born and raised in Mumbai, and now living in San Francisco, his comedy is a unique perspective on life as an Indian Jew in the West. His observations and experiences are refreshingly new and unadulterated by existing stereotypes. He establishes a new and unique view of the world, which often echoes the voice of the seldom heard 1st generation immigrants.

Comedy & Cocktails is your opportunity to experience San Francisco’s thriving stand-up scene. This is the show where established comedians try new things and hone their material. If you love the art of stand-up, this is the place to be.

Plus Arthur Gaus, Anthony K, Loren Kraut, Sean Keane, Amir Malekpour, Susan Maletta, and Steven Pearl.

“Best Comedy Club”
– SF Weekly

“I didn’t know an evening of comedy could be so much fun without costing a fortune. It was better than Cobbs, better than The Punchline and way better than what I heard at the Riviera in Las Vegas.” – Sandra, Citysearch